Yoni Eggs


Yoni Eggs, also known as Jade Eggs, or Jade Stone, Kegel

Jade Eggs have been used by women for thousands of years as natural healers. Yoni Eggs not only heal, but they also activate the pelvic floor muscles through doing Kegel exercises to strengthen your vaginal walls.

They are great for recovery after childbirth, remedying urinary incontinence, reducing menstrual cramps, cleansing your womb of negative energy, balancing hormones and increasing the intensity of orgasms

Yoni Eggs are amazing natural healers that every woman young or older should use.

If you are a beginner we recommend you start with the largest egg and work your way down to the smallest egg as your strength increases.

Yoni Eggs are made from Semiprecious Stones and are completely natural and free of artificial chemicals.

Jade Stone may come in a variety of shades and sizes however they're generally measured close to the approximate 

Large Yonni Egg measures approximately 2.5 inches Long, 4inch width

Medium Yonni Egg Measures approximately 2inches Long, 3.5 width

Small Yonni Egg measures approximately 1inch Long, 2.7/8 inch width