• Yoni Steams


    Yoni Steaming herbs 🌿🥀🌺🌱🍂🌹

    Yoni Detoxification is necessary at least once a month. Steam your Yoni to rid the uterus of unwanted toxins, heal uterine trauma, Yoni Steam to relieve monthly PMS symptoms cramps, extended cycle lengths. Relieve vaginal dryness & discomfort, Yoni Steam to balance your hormones for sexual pleasures and many more beneficial factors...

    Ingredients Flowers and natural herbs.... Each Yoni Steam purchase also comes with a cloth disposable tea bag for those who prefer to place there herbs 🌿 inside the bag when steaming

    Contact Sales@Madammasons for allergies and special blends for specific steaming, Herbal blends that can be specifically combined or adjusted specifically for you, if you have existing health concerns

    All result vary 

    Disclaimer. I do not guarantee the outcome of any use of  my products. My products are tools that are here to guide you on your journey of spiritual beauty and wellness.

    By purchasing from Madammasons, Madammasons Collection LLC. You are stating that you are at least 18 years of age and know how to use these products properly. Please keep away from children. Please keep away from open flames, and or direct sunlight

    DO NOT STEAM IF PREGNANT or after insemination (IUI, IVF)

    This product Nor are any product of Madammasons Collection regulated by the FDA. Consult with your physician Before use.

    Vegan. Animal cruelty free