• Unisex Body Snatcher

    Please specify male or female, otherwise a feminine color maybe shipped if you are a male such as watermelon, or purple. You may suggest a color and you'll be contacted on available colors by size...

    Unisex Body Snatcher

    Get Fit To be Flawless in our Unisex Body Snatcher Band. 

    Target inches to be lost, by stimulating your waist during workout.

    The Body Snatcher can be worn over, or under  your clothing.

    Branded By Madammasons

    His or / Hers Unisex

    Durable Boning

    Adjustable straps

    Flawless for workouts

    Holds stomach in and supports abs

    Prevents herniated disc and or lumbar muscle sprains

    Supports your Back, Contours your Waist, Corrects Posture

    Cotton / Mesh / Velcro

    Color fluctuates on availability